Paid Modding

Eddie Sudbury & Paul David.

Details Below.

Facebook Names: Eddie Sudbury & Paul David
Scamming Group:

Reason/s for Listing:
1. Taking a personal XBox account (which had financial details attacted).

From the conversation which three legit individuals looked at there was a clear admission of having the account, Luke provided support for the scammers which didn't help the situation. Seth Maronay was also added to the chat at one point but seemed to try and play down the fact of the scam, he might have a connection to the accused (Friends?).

Other people possibly involved: Luke Jordan Jackson.
WARNING: Do not buy from these may be scammed!
A futher conversation took place in Lewis Snm's group where Luke Jordan Jackson attempted to cover for the scammers! Then Lewis attempted to do the same. Please bear in mind that there has been an admission of having the account (which is not their property). If anyone has any scamming info (past or present) please forward it to us.
The post was then either deleted or we were kicked from the group inorder to cover up the issue and protect the scammers. This is not the first time Lewis Snm has protected a scammer, remember Ryan Borland?