Paid Modding

Seth Maronay.

Details Below.

Facebook Name: Seth Maronay

Please not that the picture was posted by the above person on his public profile.

AKA: Seth Allen Tyler Maronay.
Reason/s for Listing:
1. Selling Shared KV's and trying to ruin the rep of his competition. Trying to mess PayPal accounts up.
There have been a lot of posts just recently, all of which are from Seth attempting to ruin one particular individuals reputation. However, all the posts don't contain any proof. They are just full of Seth's opinion. We have found out that Seth has been (or with another person) taking Retail KV's from Microsofts site (admission of guilt below) and selling them, therefore selling shared KV's.

He's also been trying to mess with peoples PayPal accounts, regardless of the motive there's really no excuse.

Proof below!

The PayPal Chat List!

The PayPal Evidence.....(and mummy to the rescue)!

The KV Evidence.....

The DEAL.....

The Price Fix.....