Paid Modding

Tim Brad

Details Below.

Facebook Name: Tim Brad
Other Profiles: Mark Stewart Bradshaw, Mark Bradshaw, Matty King, KingMods GTA, Mark Brad among many!
Reason/s for Listing:
1. Posting server IP's in a skype chat and instructing all in the chat to bring it down (this was witnessed by a member while in the chat, lets face it Tim's moron voice is easy to recognise!)
2. Selling shared KV's.
3. Trying to scam an RGH sale (until we got involved then he had to change his tact).
4. Accusing various people of being scammers while all the individuals were only attempting to obtain a solution for their servers after a Dash had dropped.

Recently Jonjo Minns was contacted by a mum whos child had purchased an RGH from Tim Brad, Tim wasn't responding so we started to sort things out and started to build a case of scamming.

Steven Mcadie stepped into provide the kid with a free RGH and we started to track Tim down, after a long time Tim finally turned up at the kids house with the RGH (but we wonder if he would have done that if we hadn't stepped in). During this time we had kicked him off the servers, this was because we had received a lot of abuse from his father Kevin Mods Turner.

Once everything had calmed down we put them both back on the servers, and after a short while we received yet more verbal abuse in various posts in groups. So yet again we kicked them off the servers.

Shortly after this Jonjo Minns was in a skype chat where Tim posted our IP's to the server and told everyone to bring them down.....proof is below.

Other people involved or associated: Kevin Mods Turner (His Daddy!)
Duncan Shepherd (confirmed dick rider and poster of false claims).
Summary - This guy is a complete idiot and risk to the community. He has a number of dick riders who follow like little sheep. We firmly reccomend his removal (including any sympathisers) from al groups.
Tim....if you are reading this can I suggest you buy a good Dictionary to help you with the big words we have used!
Update - 23/4/17 - Tim is now selling another Stealth server called Red Devil Live. Looking at the owners (one of which was creating false profiles of Jonjo Minns and discrediting his Reputation) I would stay well away....official warning DO NOT BUY THIS SERVER!