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Luke Jordan Jackson

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Facebook Name: Luke Jordan Jackson - added May 2017

Please not that the picture was posted by the above person on his public profile.

AKA: Gobby Shite
Luke seems to think that intimidation, bullying and generally talking shit can keep their customers from telling on the scams that they are doing in the group....nice child! Don't buy any servers from this little TOE RAG, him and his scammer friends are only out to take your money!
Look at the little darling, waiting for his nappy to be's amazing that he hasn't been sorted out yet, may be he was one of those kids at school that was bullied and thinks FB is his way of getting his own back....Mummy and Daddy would be so proud, he might not have a daddy which would explain a lot (we know what kids are called when they don't have a daddy!)
Love the spelling!
Gimp head gear, ready for Lewis!
First sexual experience, that looks very wrong to me!