Paid Modding

Andy Aviles

Details Below.

Facebook Name: Andy Aviles - added May 2017

Please not that the picture was posted by the above person on his public profile.

Andy is known for cracking peoples hard work, he has also been accusing individuals of shared KV's without concrete proof. His general attitude towards what he does to people is pretty rubbish to the point where he thinks he can do as he pleases.
Andy is a prawn, a shrimp....a bottom feeder, someone who has his tongue firmly inserted into the rear crevasse while providing a "reach-a-round" service for the person he is sucking up to.
Andy is still a child and has demonstrated this on many occasion by throwing is dummy from his pram.
We fully recommend that Andy be removed from all groups, menus, tools and servers as we deem him a risk to the community.
I do believe this is in total contradiction to what Andy normall does, he cracks people's work, he complains all the time and he creates drama.....a complete in-bred moron if ever I have seen one!
Here's one he prepared earlier....we can now also add lying to his list of accolades! But let's face it, with the circles he runs in what do you expect from a low life! He's proving to be the mouth piece of Seth, which begs the questions....who's on top? who's the giver and who's the taker????